So I finally switched to a Mac

Mac OSXThis article is a bit late but about a year and a half ago I got my first Mac. I did some work for a friend and instead of paying cash, he paid me in a couple of new Macs (yes, as in more than one)

I ended up with a 15" Macbook Pro 164gb SSD and I got my wife a 13" Macbook Air. We both loved those things. My wife even enjoyed the switch, which says a ton about how easy a Mac is to use.

So you are probably wondering why I said "loved" as in past tense. We had a break-in and among the many things stolen were both macs... ugh! I had the serial number for nearly everyhting that was taken... but do you think a single item was recovered? NO!... but back to the point...

I couldn't wait for the insurance to come through on most of the things that were stolen. I went ahead and replaced TVs and gaming consoles but the first two things to get replaced were the Macs.

So I'm back in business and absolutely love it! I do all of my personal development on it. I just run a windows server with CF, IIS and SQL Server on it inside of VMWare Fusion.

I talked my mom into getting a Macbook pro. It was her first Mac as well and she loves it just as much as I do. iChat video is her favorite thing about it I believe. Being that she lives in Florida and I in North Carolina, we spend quite a bit of time on video chat. We also do alot of desktop sharing so I can solve problems for her rather than talk her through them. The good thing about iChat desktop sharing is that, unlike Remote Desktop, the user can watch everything you are doing (like VNC).

Now if I can just convince management at work to let me switch to a 27" iMac there, I'll be all set. :-)

So, now that I'm an official Mac user, people ask me things about it all the time. How do i do this? How do I do that? Where are the home and end keys?? (command + arrow keys by the way... when connected to Windows via RDP, it is FN and the arrow keys) So I've decided to start logging all of the tips/tricks that I learn right here on the website (for when I forget them). So keep an eye out for the Mac logo. I'm sure I'll have a tip in here for completely hosing a Mac sooner or later :-)

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