Being a remote developer for well over a decade now, I’m a big fan of having the entire development environment running locally and avoiding as many external dependencies as possible. I managed to make that happen with the local dev setup at a previous company but then, later, S3 storage came into play and we (developers) had to share that... Full Entry »

While the original intention of this post was to demonstrate backing up and restoring a docker volume's contents, there is a lot of useful information about docker in the setup process before getting to the point of backing up and restoring anything. If you are only interested in the backup and restore part of this tutorial, you should just skip... Full Entry »

If you haven't managed to get into CommandBox by now, I really feel for you; you've really been missing out for years now. It makes life so much easier in so many ways. I'll spare you the long list of reasons... you're not here for that. Most of my experience with CommandBox has been on OS X/macOS and Linux (primarily Ubuntu Server). But, at... Full Entry »

The ability to use BIFs (built-in functions) anywhere throughout an application is probably something a lot of people take for granted. You don't stop to think about whether or not you're allowed to use writedump() or writeoutput() in the current location, you just know you can. The ability to extend that confidence to your own custom functions... Full Entry »

No preamble, this is a walkthrough to setup Lucee and Apache on Ubuntu Server. So let's get to it. First things first, you need to install Ubuntu on a machine or VM. I used ...Ubuntu Server 18.04.4 LTS... so this tutorial will be 100% command line. I won't get into the specifics about installing Ubuntu but it is a pretty easy process with tons... Full Entry »

When given the choice, I generally prefer a command line option over a GUI. While everyone around me is using Sourcetree, git extensions in VS, or any number of other git plugins or GUIs that do everything for them, I'm actually learning how it all works by doing it manually at the command line. At work, I'm stuck on Windows so I use git-bash... Full Entry »

I, like most developers, have always left the mail settings in the ColdFusion administrator set to localhost to keep email from actually getting out in the wild and, potentially, sent to real people (not that anyone would actually have live data in their Dev/QA environments, right?). Unless you have an SMTP server running on the server, that,... Full Entry »

So if you read my previous bitching session about Time Warner and their UBEE DDW3611, you know that I have bridged the modem and disabled the wireless. And if you are reading this, it is because you want to know how to do the same. Well, tough... send money to my PayPal account and I will tell you! ...Just kidding obviously... (but feel free to... Full Entry »

I've been playing all of Duty Black Ops for a while now and eventually rented my own server. As you probably know, RCON is the standard these days for Call of Duty games. It's been used in all the Call of Duty games to date and Black ops is no different. Basically, RCON is just utilizes a specifically formatted UDP packet to send remote... Full Entry »

It's no secret that I am a huge horror fan. However, my wife isn't. She enjoyed the classics (Dracula, Frankenstein, Creature from the Black Lagoon), but I'll never get her to sit through all (or any) of the Friday the 13th films and the mere mention of a Rob Zombie movie sends chills up her spine. Her distaste for horror is the reason that I... Full Entry »

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