VMWare Fusion /dev/vmnet0 bridged connection error

Since I switched to a Mac, I've used VMWare Fusion to setup my development environments. I love the flexibility of virtual machines and I can always set up an environment to match whatever production topology that I need.

I've always used a bridged network connection and it has always worked out great. I usually just close my Macbook when I take a break or whatever. Then when I come back, I just open it up and everything is there and ready to go. Recently however, when I open the macbook, all network connections to the my VM server no longer exist.

Clicking on the file menu for VMware Fusion and selecting Virtual Machine > Network Adapter displays the Connect option (which means it is obviously disconnected). Clicking on Connect Network Adapter pops up the error below.

VMWare bridged connection error

So far, I've only been able to resolve this one way and only temporarily (until the next time I put the macbook into sleep mode) That way is to restart the VMWare Fusion daemon and disable and reenable the network connection on the VM Windows server (or reboot it).

The following command will restart the daemon:

sudo /Library/Application\ Support/VMware\ Fusion/ --restart

After running the restart command, just disable and enable the network connection on the VM machine (or reboot it)

Once I discover a permanent solution, I'll post it. I can only assume this was related to a recent apple software upgrade so who knows, maybe another will fix it soon.

FYI, my current version of VMWare is Version 2.0.1 (128865).

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