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I, like most developers, have always left the mail settings in the ColdFusion administrator set to localhost to keep email from actually getting out in the wild and, potentially, sent to real people (not that anyone would actually have live data in their Dev/QA environments, right?). Unless you have an SMTP server running on the server, that,...... Full Entry »

I've been playing all of Duty Black Ops for a while now and eventually rented my own server. As you probably know, RCON is the standard these days for Call of Duty games. It's been used in all the Call of Duty games to date and Black ops is no different. Basically, RCON is just utilizes a specifically formatted UDP packet to send remote...... Full Entry »

Recently, I had a need to convert text from UTF-8 to iso-8859-1. Actually, the need was to come up with a more efficient way of doing so. I'll spare you the why, when and where and get right to the how. After digging into the java.nio.charset.Charset, I came up with the following function. (commented for your viewing pleasure) Now...... Full Entry »

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