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I am a hotkey fanatic, especially on a laptop! That is one of the big reasons I love my Macbook; almost everything can be done with the press of a couple of magic keys. I'd have to say that the most used hotkey combo on my Macbook is, by far, Command+Q (which is for quitting an application for all you n00bs out there). If that is my most used...... Full Entry »

If you are like me, you have your music in more than one place because you are so scared that you are going to lose it and have to "rip all those CDs" again! I have my music on my Mac, my wife's mac on my PC, on my server and on a portable hard drive that I carry to work. I know... a bit excessive on all the home machines but it helps me sleep at...... Full Entry »

Back in February, someone broke into our house while we were at work (paying for all of the stuff they were stealing!). They kicked the door in and made off with a ton of stuff. They ripped flat screen TVs off of the wall mounts, took a Playstation 3, an XBOX 360, a PSP, tons of games and accessories, and two Macbooks. One of the laptops was...... Full Entry »

Since I can remember, my photo management and organization software of choice was Picasa. It wasn't long after I received my first Mac that I switched to iPhoto. I know Picasa has all the online features but those aren't things I ever used anyway. So I had been using iPhoto for well over a year and had never noticed the icons across the bottom...... Full Entry »

I've been playing around with my new camera which has led to a lot of file moving/copying. I'm always paranoid that I'm going to lose a picture so I have quite a few places where backups of them are mirrored. Anyway, I, of course, have to import all of my images into iPhoto on my Macbook. So tonight when I was about to do so, it brought up...... Full Entry »

Since I switched to a Mac, I've used VMWare Fusion to setup my development environments. I love the flexibility of virtual machines and I can always set up an environment to match whatever production topology that I need. I've always used a bridged network connection and it has always worked out great. I usually just close my Macbook when I...... Full Entry »

If you come from the world of Windows as I did, you are used to closing an application by clicking X button found in the top right corner of of most windows. There is an X button at the top of most windows in OSX as well and when you click that X, the window disappears. For a while, I assumed that this was exiting the application but that...... Full Entry »

If you haven't realized it yet, the trackpad on your Macbook can really save you some time with its built in, multi-finger features. Of course, there are the typical one finger options such as one finger touch to click. You can even make the bottom right corner act like the right click feature of a typical mouse. All of these settings can be...... Full Entry »

This article is a bit late but about a year and a half ago I got my first Mac. I did some work for a friend and instead of paying cash, he paid me in a couple of new Macs (yes, as in more than one) I ended up with a 15" Macbook Pro 164gb SSD and I got my wife a 13" Macbook Air. We both loved those things. My wife even enjoyed the switch, which...... Full Entry »

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